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  • Made of strong, lightweight aluminum
  • Fixed flip-chart stand (no wheels)
  • Dimensions are 100x70 CM
  • Designed to hold flip chart paper
  • Made in China

JOD 55.00 
Flip chart stand with wheels
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  • This is ideal for meetings, presentations or teaching
  •  Modern with elegant look
  •  Measures the board: 70 x 100 CM
  •  5 pivoting wheels
JOD 75.00 
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  • Can be used as a magnetic writing surface along with flipchart sheets
  • Stands firmly in place to provide extra safety
  • Can be easily folded and carried from one place to another
  • Flipchart sheets can be changed easily and quickly
  • Ideal for meeting rooms and schools
  • Adjustable flip chart height
  • Made in jordan
JOD 90.00