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  • Contents: universal compass, extension bar, dividers, small bow compass, bow compass, drawing pen, drawing pen holder, lead box
  • Circles up to 540mm
  • Includes spare needle
  • Country of Origin: Germany
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  • Precision radius adjustment through central wheel spindle
  • Both legs with joint
  • Circles up to 360mm
  • Country of origin: Germany
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  • Giant universal compass for circles up to 520 mm
  • Stable extension bar
  • Drawing pen holder
  • Includes lead box and spare needle
  • County of origin: Germany
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  • Additional fine-adjustment wheel to draw Up to a diameter of 370 milimeters
  • Adjustable legs at both sides
  • Including lead-box and spare needle
  • Country of origin: Germany
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  • Fast and smooth radius adjustment
  • Convenient handheld depressions
  • Comes with lead box
  • Country of origin: Germany